frédérique morrel

Based out of Paris — where Frédérique was born (Aaron, originally of Topeka, Kansas) — they create these elaborate, whimsical pieces made of any combination of foam, fur, tapestry and horn. They “like [to use] materials that tell stories of simple, ideal happiness, and that have been caressed by many hands” and are inspired by “Adam & Eve, The Graden of Eden, Temptation, Original Sin, The Fall of Man, Paradise Lost, Deluge, Apocalypse, Noah’s Ark, Redemption, Re-birth, Vanities, and Veneration.” My kind of people!.


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archiv - juni 2013

vorstellen der skulpturen und produkte der exzentrischen künstlerin:
frédérique morrel.

mit gemütlichem apéro etc.


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